My Wedding Update

Wedding Day over a beautiful ocean

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OK so you remember I mentioned I was getting married? Well here is my latest update:

1. Planning a wedding is crazy! There is so much involved. I have been using some of the tools at The Knot. They have been a great resource for me, and they have some really neat things such as wedding ideas, flowers, cakes, music & songs, etiquette, and information on how to proceed with a ceremony. Some of the tools include planning checklist, wedding budgeter, guest list manager, save the dates, wedding websites, registry central, inspiration boards, a “Knot” notebook. I think the guest list manager is going to be really important as we plan this thing. You can add as many guests as you like and seat them accordingly. I figure if we did this on a board with pen we would be starting over quite a bit!

2. I think we want to do a photo booth. I have seen so many cool photos on Facebook & Pinterest of the cutest family & friends doing funny poses with all kinds of different items (hats/glasses/scarves etc.) I think it’s a really neat idea and it would bring some fun to our special day … especially once people start having a few drinks. One photo booth company I came across OMG Photo Booth Hire Kent had some really neat pictures that are giving me some inspiration as I continue to plan.

3. I can’t figure out if we want to do a classic sit-down dinner, or if we want to do a buffet. I think there a pros and cons to each one, but I do believe the sit-down dinner would give more formality to the evening (especially when we’re doing speeches and toasts.) Do we really want Uncle Fred going for his third helping of roast beef as my husband professes his love for me in front of the crowd? I think not. It should be an interesting thing to look out for as we continue to plan.

4. When do we get married? I’m thinking this summer 2015. I’ve always wanted to get married in August. It won’t be as hot as July (which will be nice in a HUGE white dress.) UGH can you imagine the gross yellow stains … let’s hope for a cool day. As long as it is sunny I will be happy, though. We will need to decide on a venue sooner rather than later, as August is going to be a really busy month for wedding venues. I wouldn’t want to miss out on our date just because we took to long to decide on a date.

5. Getting my husband in check! He is extremely curious all the time, and wants to know what I’m doing for a wedding dress. Oddly enough he is being rude and won’t let me help decide on his tux. So annoying … but I can see where he is coming from. Will definitely keep you all posted on this one. Has anyone else had this issue when getting married?