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Summer Concerts

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huuuuge music fan.  Dogs?  I love them.  Travel?  I absolutely love my weekend getaways (with Hildy! :) ), but none of that can come close to how much I love music.

Any music just ain’t music without a concert.  I like to get there super early, like, ridiculously fan-girl early, and be one of the first people in line.  You can find me in the front row of concerts, just rocking out.

There are a few concerts I’d like to see this summer (and some I wouldn’t be caught dead at).  Unfortunately, not all of the concerts are coming through here.  So lame.  Maybe someday I’ll move to L.A. or New York and just, see every single one.

Oh well.

KISS perform live at Allphones ArenaI’m actually really looking forward to the Skrillex Concert this summer.

Justin Timberlake is a bit of a guilty pleasure, but I am planning on catching him when he comes through.

Call me old school, but theK.I.S.S & Def Leppard tour is gonna be so cool.  I saw K.I.S.S. once when I was girl and wow–they really know how to put on a show!

Maybe I’ll see you there 😉